We specialize in offering cleaning services to Airbnb hosts. Our professional cleaners are all well trained and immensely experienced. Our Airbnb services are ideal both for short and long stay rentals. Whether you’re looking for regular cleaning, or a one-off cleaning; we can gladly handle both with great excellence. Our desire is to leave all rooms clean and super comfortable, ready for the host who’ll occupy it.

From vacant rooms to fully furnished apartments, houses, and so on. Most Airbnb guests are looking for a clean and serene place to put up during their stay. It is your responsibility, as the host, to ensure that the place they’ll rent is spotlessly cleaned, and without any traces of the previous guest. No hair blocking sinks, no oily ovens or greasy walls.

Worry not, because we are here to help. While many AirBNB hosts want to take on the whole hosting experience themselves, cleaning their property between reservations is by far the most challenging process. Weather we are managing the whole property or not, we are still happy to offer you our cleaning services. This way you can keep hosting your property the way you want to, while freeing up the most tiring, time consuming and demanding process for you. We guarantee that your place will be perfectly ready to welcome the new guests without having to worry about the cleanliness, setting the linen and towels to look pretty, refilling soap liquids, salt & pepper, oil & vinegar, tissue papers etc. and the welcome snack package.

This is the guide we follow to complete a cleaning

BathroomKitchen & Dinning AreasSleeping & Living Areas
• Tile, walls, bathtubs and showers cleaned and disinfected
• Shower doors cleaned and disinfected
• Vanity and sink cleaned and disinfected
• Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and polished
• Floors washed and disinfected/carpets vacuumed
• Toilets cleaned and disinfected
• Cobwebs removed
• General dusting
• Counter tops cleaned
• Top and front of appliances cleaned
• Sinks cleaned, disinfected and chrome polished
• Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and polished
• Floors washed, vacuumed and disinfected
• Cobwebs removed
• Microwave wiped clean and disinfected
• Drip pans on stove wiped out
• General dusting
• Flat areas damp cloth dusted
• Stairs vacuumed
• All readily accessible floors vacuumed
• Wood floors swept
• Cobwebs removed
• Picture frames dusted
• Window sills and ledges dusted
• Ceiling fans dusted
• Lampshades dusted
• General dusting

Due to Covid-19, we strictly follow AirBNB’s 5-step enhanced cleaning process

Step 1: Prepare

  • We ventilate the space before and during cleaning, when possible
  • We use disinfectants approved by our local regulatory agencies for use against COVID-19
  • We always read the directions and warnings on our cleaning products carefully
  • We wash or disinfect our hands, and wear a mask and gloves while cleaning

Step 2: Clean

  • We sweep, vacuum, dust, and/or mop areas before sanitizing
  • We wash all dishes and laundry at the highest heat setting possible
  • We wipe down hard surfaces with soap and water

Step 3: Sanitize

  • We spray high-touch surfaces in each room with an approved disinfectant spray
  • We let the disinfectant stand for the length of time specified on the product label
  • We allow the surface to air-dry

Step 4: Check

  • We refer to the best practices in each room-by-room checklist seen above to make sure that all areas are cleaned and sanitized between each stay
  • We share these requirements with your hosting team, if we are not hosting your property for you

Step 5: Reset

  • We wash our hands and replace gloves before replacing guest supplies, linens, and cleaning kits
  • We safely dispose of or wash cleaning supplies and protective gear
  • We don’t re-enter a room once it’s been sanitized
  • We empty and/or clean any equipment will remain in the property for the guests’ use

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