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Hiyam’s Apartment – Margarita Gardens

Thank you for choosing us for your accommodation. Here you will find all the information you need for your check-in and more details. Please go through all the information on this page in order to have a smooth check-in and to make the most of your stay.

Guest Details
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3 Steps to Check-in:

1. 📍 Go to the location

Click on the map to get the directions.

2. 🗺️ Self Check-in Instructions

Follow the photo and video instructions below for an easy check-in. 

3. 📋 Wi-Fi & Other info

🛜 Wi-Fi:
Network: holiday_plus_5G_5G
Password: holidaywifi
🅿️ Parking:
You may park anywhere in the parking lot.
🏊‍♀️ Pool:
To open the pool gates, use the blue fob found on your keys. Please note that if you lose or damage it, you may be charged a compensation fee.
🅿️ Parking:
You may park anywhere in the parking lots of either Block A or B of Margarita Gardens.
🍔 Ordering Food:
You may use the apps Wolt or Foody on your phone. Use the following address:
Apartment 009, Margarita Gardens - Block A, Ikarou Street, 8041, Kato Paphos
🗑️ Garbage Disposal:
You may use the big large green bins on the streets for the disposal of your garbage.
📞 Emergency Numbers:
Call 122 or 199
⚕️ 24h Pharmacy:

House Manual

House Manual

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In case you need any assistance with your check-in, or during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us at: +357 99276667