New Property Procedure

Steps you need to take to get started:

First, we ask you to read our F.A.Q.s as a lot of your questions down the road will be answered here in detail.

Then go ahead and read our contract, to understand how we work.

Once you have read all the above and we have answered any further questions you may have and we agree to proceed, we will need to sign the contract before we can proceed with the preparation of your property according to its needs, to make sure that it becomes not just another Airbnb property, but a successful one. Notice that the last page of the contract is the Inventory List. This will be filled at the end of all the preparations and become part of the contract.

In case the property requires any renovations, big or small, we are here to help. Our team of builders, electricians, plumbers, AC technicians, etc. together with our interior design experience, will ensure that your property is functioning properly, looking beautifully and is ready to provide the guests with the perfect Airbnb experience.

Please read this item list, to make sure that your property has all the items mentioned in it. If your property does not have all the items, and you require help in choosing, purchasing and setting them up, we are more than happy to help you with this process, for a fee. This fee depends on the amount of work and time that is required by us.

As you may already know, Cyprus requires Short-Term Rentals to be registered for a license through the Ministry of Tourism. Once you receive the license, it is valid for 3 years.

To apply for the license, you need the following:

  • Title Deeds or Building Permit
  • a recent electricity bill showing the address of the property
  • Copy of Passport or ID
  • Payment of 222€
  • Authorization from the owner to the person whose name the license will be on (only applies if the license will not be made on the owner)
  • Must have a TIC (Tax Identification Code) or VAT registration
  • Must have an insurance that covers Short-Term Rentals
  • Fill in the application in the link below