Renovation & Maintenance

We recognize the importance of a beautiful home to live in and the role it plays on having a competitive property weather you are looking to rent it or sell it, which is why we aim for the highest standards.

Whether you’re looking to refurbish one or two rooms, or need to completely renovate your property, our extensive experience of refurbishing properties means we can design, build and manage the entire process to help you create a better version of your home.

We are able to undertake your project from start to finish, as we employ a full-time staff of skilled tradesmen including carpenters, joiners, plumbers, tilers, electricians and decorators.

Regardless the condition of your property, a regular maintenance ensures that its value does not drop. Many property owners live abroad only to come back after a while to find a number of issues that need to be addressed.

In the case of letting your property short-term, minor & major repairs will be needed throughout the reservations. We will take care of every detail ourselves, so you never have anything to worry about. Your property will remain at perfect condition at all times.

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